Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

December 7, 2013 at 4:00 am

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Publisher: 505 Games

Developer: StarBreeze Studios

Release Date: XBLA – August 7th 2013, Steam and PS3 – September 3rd, 2013

Review Date: December 12th, 2013

Knight Score: 8 of 9 Swords

When I saw Brothers released on Summer of Arcade for 2013 on Xbox Live Arcade I passed over it. Boy, do I regret that now! I have to say that my experience with this game was absolutely amazing. In Brothers, you’ve lost your mother to the sea, and the game starts with one brother mourning at her grave. The older brother appears and needs your help, their father has fallen ill. The brothers take their father to the town doctor only to find that the only cure, water from the tree of life, is far away. And so the quest begins.
Brothers is beautiful game to play, literally. The world of Brothers is so unique, the game kept me in complete awe as I passed from zone to zone. Built with the Unreal Engine, a lot of imagination went into the enviornment. As you progress through the game you will find benches scattered around giving you the chance to take a break, and have a look around. I highly recommend you do!
The controls for the game were also unique. You play as the older and younger brother at the same time. No swapping in this game! The left stick and left trigger on a 360 controller are for one brother, while the right stick and right trigger are for the other. While innovative, my brain did seem to have some trouble keeping the brothers together at times. The characters also speak in jibberish. While you can’t understand what exactly they are saying, body language and tone work just fine. Puzzles abound in Brothers, but none of them were to difficult, or drove me away from the game in anger to think it over.


* One of the most beautiful and interesting worlds I’ve ever played in.
* The story will grip you and keep you interested and playing.
* The music is top notch. Ambient and dreamy.
* Puzzles are done “just right”. While some were challenging, I never wanted to throw my controller or turn the game off.
* Loading screens were hidden behind cut-scenes on the Steam version I played.


* The Controls take some getting used to. Even after the first play through, I still wasn’t used to them. I found myself stopping one brother to move the other to him.
* It’s really short. I finished the game in under 4 hours, but immediately wanted to play through again!

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons is $14.99 on Steam, $14.99 on Xbox Live Marketplace, and $14.99 on the PSN Store. Even 4 months after it’s release on XBLA, is it still worth this price? Absolutely. While short, and not extremely challenging with the puzzles, this is a game that will stay with you for a long time. You will keep thinking about this game long after your done with it. $14.99 for 3-4 hours of gameplay be damned. Buy it.